Files for PCB Jigs

Here are some files I’ve used to make PCB’s.

One is the Jig I’m using to make blanks as well as scratch mill PCB’s (same jig). I was originally just fastening the boards with tape for cutting blanks, but I now screw in some wide topped screws around the edges where the mill doesn’t come near. I use rivet nuts from the back end to fasten the prepared boards for scratch milling. These will need to be adjusted to fit your raw boards and preferred sizes. It’s probably easier to just make your own after taking a glance at these – they are particularly complicated or well crafted :).

The second is a 30 degree jig for sharpening bits for scratch milling – specifically PCB drill bits. I use diamond lapping plates for this, and the jig is just made with MDF and a bolt through it. Also pretty simple and I’m sure most people could come up with a better design, but it does work.

Download here (from Github)

4×6 PCB jig: Fusion 360 file for PCB scratch milling jig
diamondFileHolder_60degrees: Fusion 360 file for diamond sharpening prism.