AsDraw Beta1 Installation and Usage Instructions (courtesy of Andreas Weber)


1. It's important that you first install the Microsoft .Net Framework v 1.0 or higher (you only need the redist, not the SDK)

2. Install the Adobe SVG Viewer (free download):
(Note: if not installed AsDraw-SmaMainForm and your browser will crash as
soon as you try to extract the drawing data)

3. Install AsDraw.
Unzip the folder into any directory you like. (there is no 'install' step)


To get you started here's how to extract drawing data from a .swf file,
include them in a .fla file and display them:

  1. Open Flash, make a drawing or trace an imported image (Modify > Bitmap > Trace Bitmap). Publish to version 6 or smaller.
  2. Run the SmaMainForm Application (.../AsDraw/dotNet/SmaUi)
  3. Open your .swf file containing your drawing (File > Open).
  4. Click on 'AsDraw Data' to extract and dispay the data
  5. Copy/paste the code into a new .as file (created with Flash MX 2004 or your usual text-editor)
  6. Wrap the data with the following statement: var dat = [ *** here goes the pasted data *** ];
  7. Save the the .as file
  8. Open (with Flash) either AsDrawAS1.fla or AsDrawAS2.fla from the .../AsDraw/flash folder, depending on which version of ActionScript you want to use.
  9. Include your .as file by changing the #include statement.
  10. Test your movie

...and thanks!